Darrsh Tiwana

Darrsh Tiwana

sales representative

647-228-3837 [email protected]

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Hi everyone let me introduce my self I am Darrsh Tiwana one your team member at Remax Millenium. I born and Grown up in Chandigarh india done my Mech. Engg and came to Canada in summer 2004. I always believe in going forward and look at positive aspects of any opportunities I got in my personal and professional Life. I believe one can achieve anything and everything in life if we work hard stay Focused and believe in ourselves. I Love sports and holds that sportsman spirit high. I like to meet new people and spread positive thoughts and vibes around me. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to be a part of a wonderful And very Professional team I will do my best to be a good team member and my best wishes to one and all. Love n Peace

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