Pawan Grewal

Pawan Grewal

Sales Representative

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More About Pawan Grewal

Having worked in the field of client relations and customer service for over 8 years, I am well equipped to assess needs and wants of clients and deliver in the utmost professional manner. Prior to obtaining my real estate license, I have completed my bachelors degree at the University of Toronto and further obtained my law clerk designation from York University. I have had the pleasure of successfully completing many courses related to the real estate transaction, specifically the legal processes and procedures and have also had the pleasure of working within a real estate firm, specifically in relation to purchases, sales, mortgages and refinancing. My name is Pawan Grewal and I am here to assist you with all of your real estate needs. I hope to bring forward my educational and professional experience to assist you in accomplishing all of your real estate goals. If you haven’t thought about buying, selling or investing in real estate, I am always here to answer any questions you may have or to discuss future goals and how we can accomplish them, together. Let’s turn your dreams into your reality.

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