Shaveta Sehti

Shaveta Sehti

Sales Representative

416-616-0735 [email protected]

More About Shaveta

“I am a Real Estate Agent and a Registered Nurse at the same time. Wearing both hats throughout the week meets the needs of my personality. I am dedicated, hard working, self-disciplined, motivated and I am a cheerful person. I enjoy seeing my clients happy, content and moving forward in their lives; be it their health or achievements ( financial stability through buying a new home, investment, selling, leasing, renting etc.) I am a keen observer and I work hard towards the individual needs of my clients. I am a tech-savvy and I adapt quickly to the advancing world of Real Estate. My strong negotiating skills make me an outstanding Real Estate Agent who can deliver a top dollar in the return of a said transaction. My positivity makes me feel good about myself and in everything I do.”

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