Sunny Singh

Sunny Singh

Sales Representative

647-300-3600 [email protected]

More About Sunny

Sunny brings honest and outgoing energy to everything he does, and real estate is no exception. A licensed full-time realtor, Sunny has a strong background in real estate finance, investments, marketing, and brings these skills to those he works alongside. Sunny has an ability to efficiently produce results, accompanied by his commitment to communication and transparency.

Overall, these skills have resulted in Sunny earning the trust and respect of his customers, who have provided positive feedback on Sunny’s approach to real estate. Sunny is always eager to hear and understand his clients needs, wants and goals, and maintains an open and ongoing dialogue, resulting in problem solving being more efficient when an issue may arise.

Outside of work Sunny enjoys cooking, maintaining and improving his fitness, spending time with family and friends. He takes price in supporting his loved ones and those in need. Sunny has empathetically volunteered his time and raised funds to feed those who are homeless in Toronto; He intends to do this in the near future.

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