Faiz Tahir

Faiz Tahir

Sales Representative


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In the past four years, Faiz Tahir has been an active in gaining experience in the financial services industry in areas such as audit, taxation, investment/valuations, and the real estate space. Faiz has worked with the big 4 and other financial institutions in different roles in regions across Canada. Faiz is completing his CPA from Canada and the United States, currently finishing his Master’s in Accounting (MaCC) and undergraduate in Accounting and Financial Management (AFM) over the course of the following year from the University of Waterloo. Faiz is actively involved in the real estate business, which his passion for both commercial and residential projects within and outside of GTA. Faiz enjoys working with high net worth clients locally and internationally following their investment objectives, many from his background in the financial services industry.  With the aid of his mentor and team member Tahir Sheikh (Broker), Faiz can provide a unique background in Accounting, Banking, Real Estate, and Taxation a“Our business philosophy is all about maintaining a sound relationship based on trust, transparency and honesty with his clients while working in their best interests.” reas. The Tahir Team excels to provide the best service for his clients considering their specific investment and personal real estate requirements.  

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