Luqman Ahmed

Luqman Ahmed

sales representative

647.215.2315 [email protected]

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“Luqman is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who has a Long Professional Business Background and an ability to understand the needs of people due to his exceptional experience in assisting clients, families and investors buy and sell real estate.

Luqman is well versed in all aspects of real estate including Pre-Construction, Commercial and Residential Transactions.

He searches the market consistently for great-value homes and he has proven himself an effective negotiator, getting excellent results for his clients every time.

Luqman has been around the business for Years, he is always learning and developing to serve his clients best.
Luqman is also highly capable of helping clients sell their homes for top dollar, and in a timely fashion.
Luqman’s clients can reach him at any time of day or night for advice, updates or anything in between. With a thorough knowledge of renovations and their costs, Luqman can also give his clients a realistic idea of what potential renovations would cost and what kind of value upside it can provide the home.

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